Saturday, October 04, 2008

Walking around Sydney

I've moved into my new apartment! This means that I am living on an inflatable mattress with a severely limited amount of clothing as my shipping container is stuck in customs, but so far I'm still enjoying it :) Strange as it sounds, the best part of my new place is the bathroom. Huge tub and a VERY strong shower, everything else is gravy.

Since it was a 3 day weekend this weekend, my friend Casey and I decided to do a bit of walking around my neck of the woods (western side of the city, which is not to say inner west, so confusing). As you can see, it wasn't the sunniest day, it was a bit overcast and cool, which to me means prime walking weather :) Since I don't know the city well, Casey lead on to some outstanding places (including the little park at the tip of Glebe from which I took the above pic on my iPhone :) The highlights were:
  • Darling Harbor Fiesta! - Okay, coming from San Francisco, it was a bit funny to see what goes into an, um, hispanic? festival here. There were a few places selling churros and some people on a stage demonstrating salsa aerobics (which as far as I could tell was doing aerobics while wearing a frilly skirt).
  • Simon Johnson Quality Foods - mere blocks from my apartment and on the way home from work is a crazy cool specialty food store! Lots of chocolate, cheese, balsamic vinegar, you name it! I look forward to spending more money there. As it stood the best thing I got were Parisian candied ginger covered in tea infused chocolate...
  • Sydney Fish Market - Being a port city, Sydney gets its share of fresh fish, well, guess what? You can go to the fish market and buy it fresh every day. There are even a few places there that will cook it for you if you so desire!
  • Blackwattle Bay Park - Lovely park at the end of Glebe with views out across the city.
  • Chocolateria San Churro - I've got 2 words for you: Chocolate Tapas. Sydney has such cool and interesting Chocolate Places and this one is no exception!
So, yea, that was my Sunday wandering around Sydney. At some point when it is sunnier I'll take pictures of my walk to work. It's pretty cool, I walk by the Powerhouse Museum (Sydney's Exploratorium), the Chinese Gardens, and Darling Harbor. I couldn't ask for a better walk :)

Thanks Casey!