Monday, September 08, 2008

Everyday "Gadgets"

Yo! I'm gonna take a break from Sydney-esque posts and post a bit about traveling in general. A number of the gadget blogs I read have lists of what people carry with them every day and what sort of gadgets they travel with. So, I thought I'd throw in my $0.02. I tend to go through quite a few gadgets trying to find the optimal set and, honestly, I'm pretty happy with my current set. This post is focused on what I carry every day, the next will be about what I take while travelling:
  • Timbuk2 laptop messenger bag (from JotSpot!): It's the last piece of shwag I got from JotSpot, and by far the best. I've grown quite fond of my messenger bag, its simple and big enough for everything I want to carry. It fits my macbook pro like a glove. It has enough pockets but no so many that they get in the way. Its got enough room for clothes for 1 overnight, more than that is just selfish.
  • iPhone: Shocker! I know, who would possibly sing the praises of the iPhone. Fine, I know this goes without saying but the iPhone is the best gadget I've ever owned. It's a great phone. It's the best iPod ever. I can use it to navigate through any and every city. Finanly, I can play hold 'em on it when I'm bored :)
  • Leatherman Skeletool CX: No gadget bag is complete without a gadget to fix other gadgets. The new skeletool is brilliant! Lightweight and has everything you need (knife, pliers, screwdrivers, bottle opener, etc). Buy one and you'll never buy anything else.
  • Granite Gear Shopping Bag: Yup, I often find I end up needing to carry a bunch of additional stuff around. Sometimes food, sometimes clothes, sometimes, um, we'll leave it at that. It's tiny, lightweight, strong enough to carry sand (don't ask), and can be easily washed out (same can't be said for the JotSpot bag).
  • Solio: Ok, you got gadgets, but what about power??? Solio is compact, holds a charge (I've gone for 5 months), can be charged using solar power, and will charge anything that uses USB (which is everything in my world).
  • Petzl e+lite: Always carry light. You never know when you're gonna drop your keys in a movie theater or hear something fall under the seat on an airplane. The e+lite is perfect, small, light, has it's own carry case, can be worn or clipped on to something. I never go anywhere without it.
  • iPod Shuffle: I love my iPhone but there are times when it is a bit much (and other times when it has no battery). The shuffle is so small that you can always carry it. It holds tons of music, and if you are bored, it is instant entertainment. I never leave home with it.
  • Light my Fire Spork: I'll spork your ass! Fork+Spoon+Knifey. It works, what can I say? Ever been in a hotel and get a pint of ice cream only to realize that you have no spoon. Fingers work but they don't leave the most appetizing container in their wake. This spork is worth the dollar it costs.
  • TOOB toothbrush: Gotta love the toob. It's a compact toothbrush with toothpaste in the handle. It'll survive as your primary toothbrush but I find it most useful to keep in my bag for when the lunch tabouli was a bit too much. It's also the perfect Vegas accompaniment, keep it in your laptop bag and you can hop right on the plane, who needs luggage???
Toss in a USB charger, a passport, some cash, and you have a go everywhere daily bag.

Up next... travel gear!!!