Sunday, August 10, 2008

City 2 Surf!

So, my second weekend in Sydney I decided to participate in City 2 Surf. It is similar to Bay to Breakers in SF (although there were not nearly the same level of costumes and nakedness as in SF) or the Bolder Boulder in, well, Boulder (although Boulder had a slip 'n slide which was conspicuously missing from Sydney). I finished in 2 hours and 10!!! Please don't ask how many k it was :) It was an amazing, er, run. It goes from the CBD (central business district for non-aussies, call it downtown and people will mock you, trust me) to Bondi beach. Just before hitting the top of "Heartbreak Hill" there was an spectacular view of the Opera House, then you turn a corner and see Bondi in all it's beachy glory. This was the first time I saw both and they were phenomenal! Post race I went over to a co-worker's house for apple pie!!! Seriously, Sydney rules.

And if you are following my tales of Sydney I'm still looking into various areas, haven't settled on one yet :)

Monday, August 04, 2008


It's a little late but I've finally updated my travel blog with the details on my trip to Alaska with JB and Shirin. Lots of photos (mostly taken by JB!). It was an awesome trip, Alaska rules. Check it out:

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hmm, where to live in Sydney...

It's been a week in Sydney and I've spent most of that time working. Yea, yea, yea, what are you gonna do? My new team did take me out to Dinner at another awesome sushi place Sushi E (this one much more upscale than the last). This big thing though is that I was able to spend some time this weekend checking out various neighborhoods to see where I'd like to live. The relocation folks took me around the city and the front-runners seem to be:
  • Newtown/Chippendale - It's a bit grungy but it's got great food, bars, and clubs. I could probably get a bigger place for me money and it is close to the climbing gyms in town! The downside is that it would be a bit further from work, so I'd likely have to take a train rather than walking.
  • Kings Cross - You'll find all sorts of euphemisms about this but it is basically an assortment of strip clubs, junkies, high end restaurants, and bars. It seems like an interesting area. Close enough to walk to work but also has a train station for when I'm feeling lazy.
  • Pyrmont - This area is a bit more upscale. It is right next to work, so it would be a quick walk. The apartments seem a bit nicer and there are awesome water views and parks. There is a fresh fish market daily. Downside is that it is a bit touristy and doesn't have as much character as some of the other places I saw.
  • Surry Hills - This is the bohemian-ish area. Lots of small cafes, bars, etc. Lots of shops. A somewhat popular area so its a little more expensive. Its definitely close enough to walk to work, which would be a little bit of awesome.
So, those are the top of the list right now. Anyone want to chime in their thoughts?