Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Good Stuff

Here's some things that I've discovered that I like since I posted last:
  • Food
    • Pro Bars: Yea, I know, its odd to think about bars as food, but holy crap! Why have I been eating crappy tasting bars when I could've been eating these things. They are awesome! I've started eating them instead of meals just because they are that good.
  • Books
    • The Science of Chocolate (by S. Beckett): Do you have a lust for details on the best substance in the world? Read this book.
    • The Witling (by Vernor Vinge): Its short but good. I've decided that part of the reason I like Vinge is that he loves to play around with ideas. In this case it is about what happens to momentum when something teleports, and what are the cool things you could do with it!
  • TV Shows
    • Deadwood: Thanks to Scott and Jul, I've now gotten the opportunity to check out this gem. It has interesting and complex characters as well Wild Bill! What more can you ask for :)
    • Dexter: I'm not sure I like glorifying serial killers, but this show is just so tweaked you gotta love it.
  • Stuff
    • ByrdRench: I mostly like this because of the concept. It folks out to a full size adjustable wrench and screwdrive to give you some actual leverage for a change.
    • Skeletool: Another tool, it's lightweight and useful. This is my new one for backpacking!


Rus said...

I'm on the last 20 pages of The Witling right now. Rock on!

Ming said...

I just requested it through the Mongo Planetary Interconnected Library System!

JanetD said...

Since I eat lunch in my car four days a week, I'm on my way out right now to get some Pro Bars. Thanks!