Friday, March 16, 2007

Trivial Updates

So, for any of you who didn't know yet, I'm now moving all my stuff from Boulder back to CA and getting an apartment in San Francisco. I'm bummed to leave Boulder but my job is in California, so I gotta follow. Not shockingly this all happened very quickly. About 3 weeks ago I thought "Hmm, this living in 2 states thing sort of sucks" I should see if I can rent my place. It turns out I can, I contacted movers a week later and here I sit among the boxes.

My friend Sarah has been housesitting for the last few months and was hugely helpful in helping me get organized and ready to move. Even more importantly she picked me up from the airport on Wednesday and took me to a pub trivia night where we completely kicked ass (think questions with answers like "Jan Michael Vincent"). Photo of the winning team shown here.