Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Smiling Googlist

Yup, I did not have bad timing! Google just acquired JotSpot (that's where I work)! You might be thinking "Um, didn't you just change jobs like 2 months ago?" and indeed I did. I also said I wasn't gonna change jobs for a while, and technically the job sort of changed under me :) I must admit that it was a shock to learn after a few weeks that the tiny startup I just joined was going to be acquired by a Big Company. That shock quickly turned into curiosity after I met the folks over there (and, um, had a free lunch). It seems like a fascinating place and one where there will be much opportunity to explore technology. And the best part, I will be working somewhere that everyone has actually heard of! In celebration of that, let me present:

My Work History: A retrospective told as party conversations
  • 1996
    • Drunken Party-Goer: "What do you do?"
    • Long Haired Hippi Me: "I build torpedo simulators for the undersea warfare center!"
    • Drunker Party-Goer: "Um, is that punch over there..."
  • 1998
    • Wine-Drinking 30-something: "May I ask how you spend your time?"
    • Frazzled Overworked Me: "I work for a small startup called Spectra Science building software for laser-tracking systems"
    • Wine-Drinking 30-something: "Oh how fascinating! You work."
  • 2000
    • Silicon Valley Someone: "So, what is going to make you 20 Billion Dollars?"
    • California Me: "I work for a company making process streamlining and automation software"
    • Silicon Valley Someone: "..."
  • 2002
    • San Francisco-ite: "You have a job????"
    • Climber Me: "I work for Nimblefish!"
    • San Francisco-ite: "Don't they store my photos?"
  • 2004
    • New Yorker: "Get the hell out of my way."
    • Nomadic Me: "I do best practice management for an IT Governance Company"
    • New Yorker: "Where did that guy go, he was just standing here..."
  • 2006
    • Random Street Person: "And you do?"
    • Me: "I work for Google"
    • Random Street Person: "Really? Can you tell me where I can find restaurants in El Paso"
So, when do we get a chip in our head that hooks us up to their search engine??? I look forward to kicking ass at Scrabble.

Google, here I come!


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Rus said...

I too am very pleased to finally be working somewhere that my mom has heard of.

Having the stock price fluctuate $75 in an hour is slightly alarming, but I guess you take the good with the bad.