Monday, October 30, 2006

New news reader?

I often ponder how the oddest things push me over the cliff of effort that actually gets me to post to a blog that I can't imagine anyone reads anymore. But there ya go. So, I used NewsGator as my news reader for ages (thanks for the recommendation Josh!) but I've now moved over to Google Reader. To give you insight into my quirks, when I've found a solution to a problem that really works for me (which is incredibly rare, I typically am slightly dissatisfied with most solutions), I am usually loathe to actually change, but I've been convinced for the following reasons:
- Web based: Works across pc/mac and home/office
- Mobile: The mobile version works incredibly well on my Treo and since it is web based (see above) I don't have to figure out what I have and have not read.
- Shared Items: this is the best part and what I actually wanted to post about.

See, the way the reader works, you can tag any article as a "Shared Item" which means that it gets added to my personal feed of articles that I think are worth sharing. Now although I'm usually too lazy to write a whole 200 words in a blog post I am not too lazy to hit ctrl-S and share an interesting article. So, if you are interested in seeing articles that I find interesting (understanding that covers gadgets, oddities, and politics - in that order) you can check it out at:

If your doing the same, post your reader feed for pete's sake!



Rus said...

I read your blog, don't be like that.

Gene said...

Now that I've found it (from Dave G's site) I'll read it, too. Thanks for not telling me about your blog, butt-head.