Thursday, August 10, 2006

I apparently think like a 67 year-old woman

I need to stay more up to date on world news. I found out that some potential terrorists were captured because someone in a gadget blog talked about being annoyed that they couldn't bring laptops on airplanes in the UK (and for the record, you can't bring laptops on airplanes?!?!?!?!?!? Holy Crap! It doesn't even register with me, what do you do? Not travel?) Anyway, in reading an article about it my favorite quote was:
Margaret Gavin, 67, waiting to board a train, said she wasn't scared. "Why should I change my life because some idiots want to blow something up?" she said.
My sentiments exactly! There was a paper published recently (introed by the ever interesting boing boing) that talks about how statistically terrorism doesn't kill many people but everyone's reaction to it is what causes all the issues (yea, I know, duh, but it was a good article).

I am really not looking forward to the stupid policies that the US will put in place in reaction to this. No water on planes any longer?? No more iPods?? No more PSPs?!?!?!?! Will I need to resort to, um, books??!?!?!? The future does not look bright. Ack!