Friday, June 23, 2006


Finally, I know who and what I am. I was happily reading through gizmodo rather than doing work this morning and came accross an article that finally articulates what I am. I'm a Neophiliac in all things! Think about it, constantly moving, taking new jobs, and buying new gadgets. When playing a video game it is all about getting the new guns or powers or whatever the hell they always dangle in front of you in video games. The great part is that this is apparently an affliction!

Now, in all seriousness, the question is whether there is a NEW drug to treat it. Heh heh.


Josh Richau said...

Actually, they have had a drug for a long time, but none of those afflicted will use it because it is too old.

christopher said...

Neophile is a term they use in the Illuminatus Trilogy a lot. I think the real affliction are the people who insist on holding on to the old stuff!