Monday, December 05, 2005

My New Sunroof

Could also be known as REALLY Raising the Roof :) Ya know that new place I bought. Well, I've been travelling a lot so I haven't gotten a chance to spend a lot of time there. This weekend I flew home for 40 hours so that I could fix my place up and go to the zoo (that blog post will come soon, prepare for the Lorikeet Adventure). So, I spent a good part of the day on Saturday installing my sweet new 42" LCD TV. Oh yea! I even got to watch a movie on it! Then the roof fell onto it. Have I mentioned that I have a knack for timing things just right? I got into work this fine morning in NYC (yea, all you New Yorkers I haven't called yet will hear from me soon) and got a phone call from my neighbor. That's odd I thought, I don't remember giving him my number. Well, it turns out that I didn't. Ya see at about 5:30 AM this morning 60 MPH winds ripped the roof off of my cool new pad. That little bit of blue you see in the picture is the beautiful blue sky shining on down.

For those of you who haven't seen pictures of my new place yet, this is what it looks like furnished. Well, okay, try to imagine it without the ceiling pieces and all.

I think the really funny part is that my personal server is in my loft area. At times before I have thought when I checked my email "Well, I haven't seen my apartment in a while but it can't be too bad off because my server is still up". Apparently that is not always an appropriate assumption ;)

The moral of the story:
- Don't bother cleaning up the dust after installing a new TV because the ceiling might just fall in anyway.
- Amy, Josh, Mandy, and Mark are superstars for going over to provide the lovely pictures and let me know how the place looks!!!!!!!! You guys rule :)

Update: More picts can be found here: and


Mandy said...

The best thing about boulder is that even in 60 mph bitter cold winds you can always count on the sun shining in.

Greg, frankly I think your loft is acting out trying to get your attention. She is going to need some serious therapy!

christopher said...

Help with the silver lining:

1) What a great opportunity for a skylight!

2) Have you considered sealing off the living room and creating a new trend setting "snow room"? Where else can you sit in the snow and enjoy a fire in your own fireplace while you watch your waterlogged plasma?!

3) At least you hadn't lived there long enough to get attached...

4) You can probably power your apartment with a wind turbine saving literally hundreds of dollars on your electrical bill.

5) You know now that the two people that show up for your New Years party truly only like you for you and not your cool place/stuff.



Rus said...

Since your other friends appear to be VICIOUS AND HORRIBLE allow me to just say:

That sucks, man! I hope you're doing okay.