Sunday, November 20, 2005

A brief rant

One of the things I truly love in life is seeing something done well. Unfortunately one of the things that causes me no end of frustration is seeing something done poorly.

Tonight, I checked into "The Grand", pretty snazzy hotel in Silicon Valley. I'd heard good things and thought I'd check it out for myself. All in all, I liked it, until I decided to get ready for tomorrow. I pulled out the ironing board and what did I see but one of the worst contraptions I've ever come across. Where do I begin. I can only imagine that this device was designed to keep people from stealing irons (something that I'm sure absolutely plagues "The Grand"). They thought, "I know what we can do!" Let's just attach the iron to the board. I suppose in theory it isn't complete jackassery. The problem was their next thought which was "Hmmm, it'll be pretty awkward to have them attached unless we have a holder for the iron, fine notion!" So, then they said, "Let's attach that iron holder to THE MOST USEFUL PART OF THE DAMN IRONING BOARD." Ya know, I never thought about stealing an iron but I might do it now just to bring it to a board that I can actually iron my shirts on. I think next time I stay here I will bring a set of allen wrenches and just dissassemble the stupid thing and leave it in pieces. Me? Spiteful? Never.

I can't wait till they decide to attach the bathrobes to the hangers to ensure people don't steal them...

Ug, now I'm gonna go to bed and try not to think about it. For the record, this is what you call a pet peeve ;)


christopher said...

I'm with you, my brother. I stayed in one hotel once that attached it with such a short cord that you couldn't even use the damn thing.

CJ said...

This is just hilarious. lol