Friday, August 12, 2005

The Right

Just wanted to note that there was an excellent post about the whole Cindy Sheehan deal on a conservative blog. Basically, the Right is starting to go off on Cindy Sheehan as either a self-interested mom who is betraying the memory of her son by trying to get into the spotlight or a sucker who has been convinced by the Left fanatics to go after Bush for their cause (it is honestly hard to tell which point they are trying to argue). Currently, they are trying to say that she used to support Bush and now is speaking out against him, how dare she. The think I loved about this Blog is that it broke the issue down into "Um, are we really harshing on a grieving mother, c'mon, seriously?" Her son died in Iraq, she wants to talk to the President, she is upset about the whole war. Why does she need to be smeared by people who never met her and have no idea what is happening with her. Is there something wrong with what she is doing? Apparently there has to be or it would mean, I don't know, their whole world view is crushed. The other thing that I find more and more fascinating with the more Blogs that I read is that the Liberal ones tend to have lots of Liberals commenting with atta-boys where as the Conservative ones have a lot of heated arguments in the comments. I suspect the reason is that the Conservatives don't feel a need to read the Liberal Blogs, they have already won, why bother understanding the enemy, but maybe that is just my bias :)

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