Friday, August 12, 2005

The Moutains

Well, I got back from Peru last week and it was amazing!!! I'm not sure what I was expecting. I usually go into these things figuring, "we'll see what happens" and that usually works for me. Well, it did again. I was in Peru with Dave and Kristen (who will soon be moving to Boulder as well), Emily, Emily's friend Anne, and Anne's friend Mark. All in all I liked the group a lot. I spent most of my time with Dave and Kristen (I think because we had similar hiking styles, they tried to ditch me but couldn't, sucka!!!!). The trip did involve 1 trip to the hospital (Emily is allergic to peanuts and she almost died, but she didn't, it was the closest I'd ever seen anyone get though, people shouldn't be blue). There were a number of less life-threatening ailments (dehydration, altitude sickness, ankle spain, blisters) but we made it in the end. I didn't end up taking altitude medication even though we were going up to almost 15K feet. I'll admit it, I wanted to see if I could do it and I did. I think more mountains are in my future. Macchu Picchu was, well, what can you say about something like that, better than I could do?

Ok, let's get to the heart of the matter, what did I think about as I trekked through the Andes? First, I always find mountains humbling, they are gonna be there forever, I will not be. This being the case, what do I want to do with me time. I am currently treading water. I'm moving (still psyched) and have a job that I enjoy but doesn't take over my whole life. This is all good but is this the be all and end all? I was talking to my friend Ki-Wing last night and she seems to be in a similar place. We discussed that it might be our generation. We've gotten to a point where we have proven we can do anything, now the question is, what do we do? What is important? What matters? How do we want to spend the little time that we have? Um, sadly I don't have the answer. I think at this point I need to hunker down, move to Boulder, spend more time climbing and hiking, and see what tomorrow brings. I guess I just need some inspiration, once I get that and find a direction I'll feel a little better.

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