Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I was just getting my typical fill of irritating idiocy from misc news sources and came across this gem from Rush L:
From the August 11 broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show:
LIMBAUGH: We just had Stephen Breyer saying, oh, yeah, totally appropriate, we must import what they're doing around the world in other democracies, it will help buttress their attempt to establish the rule of law, and we might learn something, too. Well, here's something I'd like to import. I'd like to import the ability that the Brits are doing to export and deport a bunch of hate-rhetoric filled mullahs and imams that are stoking anti-American sentiment. Wouldn't it be great if anybody who speaks out against this country, to kick them out of the country? Anybody that threatens this country, kick 'em out. We'd get rid of Michael Moore, we'd get rid of half the Democratic Party if we would just import that law. That would be fabulous. The Supreme Court ought to look into this. Absolutely brilliant idea out there.

Yea, I know he says these things on purpose to get people riled up, that is his business. Even so, when did we all decide the US belongs to the Republicans? We'd get rid of half of the Democratic party because they disagree with the obviously correct Republicans??? Seriously, what the hell? I think sometimes that I just don't understand people. Who would want to get rid of everyone who disagrees? We aren't so far from this, there are times I even wonder if my contributions to will ever make me a target as being anti-American because obviously any website that can motivate such a large group of people to fight for what they believe in is anti-American. I keep hearing MoveOn being described as far left. Really? I think of them as left mainstream, maybe that means that I am far left.

Do you know what I would really love? A dictionary. I mean spouting "anti-American sentiment". You hear people saying it all the time, what does that mean? What is anti-American? Disagreeing with a President who obviously doesn't take his job, our country, our beliefs, and our's or anyone else's lives very seriously? Trying to empathize and understand people who hate us for what we have done to the world (which is just about everybody at this point but a small group of nut-jobs affectionately known as "The Far Right")? Pushing to get a "free" and "democratic" government to release information that shouldn't be private anyway? Expecting answers to hard questions and not just get justifications "spin"? Not being homo-phobic?

During the last "presidential" election I heard the VeeP debate on the radio. Just caught the tail end of it. Cheney was doing his classic move, spread fear and hate. He spouted all sorts of unfounded statements about someone wanting to walk into the middle of New York and set off a bomb (in retro-spect I'll bet the number of people who want to do that has in fact grown drastically since the last election). Edwards on the other hand was talking about hope and growing a new and better America that we can be proud of. Cheney couldn't care less about being proud of America, all he cares about is America looking tough. Well guess what, we reap what we sow. Fear defeated hope and hope is now lost to us. I find the more people I talk to about politics the more I find that people have lost hope. People talk more about moving away then they doing about fixing this pile of crap that we have built. I'm still vaguely convinced that the presidential elections were rigged, I certainly wouldn't put it past these madmen. If that is case though, it means they won't lose power because they'll keep rigging elections. Where is the hope? What is there hope for? A better world? We are destroying the world, one country at a time. We are living in a country ruled by someone that most of the world equates to Hitler. I don't know if I agree with them but that is one strong statement. Where can we find hope? I used to believe so strongly that doing the right thing will always be the best course of action in the end. I'm also a strong believer in karma, things have a way of balancing out. Sometimes it just seems like this country has built up such a karmic debt that it can never be repaid. Ick.


Scott Johnston said...

You totally didn't take Rush's bait. You showed him by not being affected or responding to his comments.

christopher said...

There is still hope as long as we don't go to war with China. :-) It is the last, best move of the hawks and fear mongers to maintain power. I'm hoping everyone can focus their energy on healing the planet and then leaving instead.

Scott Johnston said...
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