Friday, August 12, 2005

The Chasm

I've been reading more recently about Politics than I should. It mostly just upsets me. I think on of the things that really saddens me is that our 2 party system has become so polarized. I was reading DailyKos recently and they were talking about the dangers of voting on single issues. Fine, I know plenty of people (sigh!) who voted for Bush because they wanted lower taxes. I think they were crazy because they didn't look at the rest of what he stands for. In this article though they discussed that if you are voting for a Pro-Choice Republican, you might as well vote for a Pro-Life one (granted this is a paraphrase). In the end, if they are a Republican they are going to support others in their party based on a whole platform and not a single issue. So, although Chafee is Pro-Choice, he will support Frist, who is, um, not. The thing that makes me really sad about this is that it means we really can't just vote for people anymore. We have to vote for parties because the whole system is so partisan that even if I like a Republican (granted, this is a stretch), I can't vote for them because they would almost certainly vote with their party. What the hell do we do now then???

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