Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Loft

So, here are some pictures of my new place in Boulder. I'm really psyched to get out there. I was just chatting with my friends Dave and Kristen tonight and they're moving out there as well. They are also joining me in Peru on Saturday. Heh, funny story, I apparently hadn't mentioned that one of the other people coming to Peru with us is my ex-girlfriend. I had fallen instantly in love with her when I met her and decided to move across the country after we spent 9 days together. I quit my job and was ready to go and, then, well, she dumped me. Although, to be fair we have spent a lot more time together after that and are now great friends. But, why would I tell them that, I want to get them a little nervous ;)

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Couch

As I was driving home today I was just thinking about the couch on the Daily Show (yea, I know it's cliche and the current "in" thing but I do love it. It make the current insanity in the US at least seem funny :) Stewart kept talking about how everyone would whine about the new set and I just laughed along until I realized, I was a little unhappy about the new set. I miss the couch. The couch really stood for everything noble and true in this world. Well, okay that ain't the case but I just finished reading Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs and so I'm hyperbolizing everything. But seriously, the couch was a nice way to have a fake news show seem relaxed and like they are just folks chatting on your TiVo. The new set has them chatting at a desk. They somehow moved from being a late night talk show to being a news show just by removing a couch!!!! That is one powerful-ass couch. Anyway, so I'm thinking about this couch and BAM. I'm reading through the misc things I read through and someone has made a blog about it. It is nice to know that in the world of the web. EVERYTHING is out there if you can find it :)

The Beginning

You've gotta start somewhere and well, I'm starting here. I'm about to head off to Peru for a bit so I figured now was the time to start recording all of my thoughts (please refrain from any comments in terms of how much room that will take up).

The main reason I feel a need to do this is because I realize that there are too many good things that I forget. Every time someone says "Rememeber that time you dropped trou on stage to win a tattoo contest???" and I respond "no" I am reminded that the good stuff will get lost. Instead my head will continue to fill up with strange plot details from Smallville.

This weekend also marked the end of my innocence. Well, my financial innocence at least, I bought a house. A sweet loft in Boulder, CO. The whole time I was signing the paperwork I asked myself, why are you moving to Boulder again? The answer is really for no reason at all. I'm bored. It seems like a good way to shake things up a bit. The best decisions I've ever made were for no reason. I would say the worst were made while drunk, but hell those were fun too :) This house thing really drives home the point of how simple it is to drastically shift things if I'm willing to. I know, I'm in a position to do it and not everyone has that luxury. Very true, but I feel like I should at the very least take advantage of that luxury. I won't have it forever. So, consider the advantage taken. For now...